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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.   Why should I pay for a web site when I see lots "free" offers?
A.   Generally speaking, nothing is really "Free".   "Free" offers for web sites that we've checked out always are just a way to get you signed up so they can sell you services.   These always require a level of understanding of internet programming.   There is almost no customization to "brand" your site for your business.   In the long run, these will cost you more and you'll get less than if you use our services.

Q.   What's an Internet Name or Domain Name?
A.   It's the "yourbusinessname.com" like Chevy.com or Hershey.com.   Domain names are used by the internet to find your site.   These names should be added to all of your business forms, business cards, advertising, etc. Domain names are controlled by a registry system and each one is unique.   The Domain name works just like a phone number, email address, or house address to find your site, and only your site.   Registering a domain name throuh our services costs $25 per year.   We've seen hosting companies charging $50 or more per year to maintain these.   WebpagesA2Z.com charges just $25 per year to cover the registration fee and our costs to maintain the Domain name.

Q.   What will it cost to get my web site?
A.   This varies greatly depending on your needs.   Our basic web site development charge is $395 for site development and set up.   The on-going cost can be as little as $30 per month for the hosting fee.   Our hosting fee includes monthly promotion to over 1,400 internet search sites to increase your traffic to your business site.

Q.   How long will it take to get a web site?
A.   Much of this depends on you.   If you can complete the questions on our "Getting Started" form and build the files describing your business,   If you will be having an online store, add 3-5 more days to get that set up.

Q.   Why should I use WebpagesA2Z.com?
A.   An excellent question.   You should use us because you want to stay focused on your business and not try to become a "Webmaster".   We are your best choice for a complete solution.   We design, develop, set up, host, maintain, and promote your web site ideas.   Most of our competitors will not be nearly as understanding and easy to work with to get your site up, and most of them charge more for less.

One more thought.... If you have some expertise and/or a friend or relative offering to do your web site, consider the end product. Do you or they really know how to do it right?   Is it worth it to you to possibly save a few dollars and get less than the best solution?   Because we spend a lot of money on development tools and have the expertise, it is often NOT more expensive to use our services.

Q.   If I put my business on the Internet, will I succeed?
A.   Maybe.   The Internet is a great tool and most successful businesses have or will have an Internet site.  Your competitors will!!   The Internet has become a fantastic way to reach people and showcase your business.   People really are using it to decide what vendor to use much like they use the "Yellow Pages".   It has become a necessary tool to promote your business, you should not consider it a magical solution to ensure your success.

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